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 About Us_ 

Founded & Managed by Paul M. Cazalet, P.I.

[ State of California Licensed Private Investigator ]


Since 1994, Investigator Paul M. Cazalet of PMC Professional Services, a Los Angeles based Private Investigative Agency  that is devoted
entirely to providing exceptional service at competitive rates.


PMC's Detective's are among the most qualified and experienced the industry has to offer.


An excellent  combination of the most Up to Date, State of the Art,  Private Investigative techniques in addition to an incomparable private database.


PMC Surpasses the Competition


Our staff takes pride in our accomplishments and strives to furnish perfection
while utilizing the most modern and cost effective investigative techniques available today.


PMC provides investigative and intelligence assistance to a wide variety of differing professions, from attorney services to automobile dealers, from restaurants to the everyday citizen, all of which have become accustomed to receiving nothing but the best.




Agency Policy


It has always been and shall continue to be the policy of this agency to extend honest and sincere efforts in the pursuit of all assignments while supported by capable P.I.'s who apply appropriate methods and approaches to the situation under investigation.


This policy assures our clients of the most effective techniques available in the handling of their cases.

No Investigative agency can perform miracles by guaranteeing 100% results in all cases, anymore than an attorney can guarantee his clients complete victory or a doctor guarantee that his patients will recover from serious illness.

Success in these fields depends upon the services of competent people who are thoroughly proficient and capable of applying the principals most likely to obtain positive results.



 We're on the case. 
 Private Investigators & Detectives 
 in Los Angeles... 

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